What is FinalFutures.com?

FinalFutures offers fans the opportunity to secure tickets at big sports events for much less than market value. If you buy a FinalFuture - a contract for a seat to see your favourite team at the final - and they get there, then you're going too - even if you paid a fraction of the price!

As a potential trader though you might not want to wait until match day to score and instead use FinalFutures.com to buy and sell FinalFutures on the market with other traders at any stage of the tournament. Traders can buy and sell contracts for seats at a final event (also known as a 'FinalFuture'). Once you own a FinalFuture you can decide to keep it and see it through, or offer it for sale to the market at any time. If you buy early and at the right price you could be on to a tidy profit.

How Does FinalFutures Work?

FinalFutures offers you the opportunity to secure sports ticket packages at big events for much less than market value. If you buy a contract (we call a contract a 'FinalFuture') for your favourite team or competitor and they make it to the final then you're going too! You can sell or trade your FinalFuture at any time on FinalFutures.com market.

What is a FinalFuture?

Quite simply, a final future is a future contract (ticket package) for a final that you have chosen, whether it be for an individual (for example, a tennis player) or a team to play in a specific final event. It could be Inter Milan to play in the Champions League Final or Munster in the Heineken Cup.

What events can I get FinalFutures for?

We currently offer FinalFutures for the UEFA Champions League, Europa League, Heineken Cup, ATP World Tour and the Super Bowl. Stay tuned as we will be adding more sporting events soon.

How are prices determined?

Initially FinalFutures.com sets the initial market price for all FinalFutures, until our inventory is sold out. This is based upon several factors that may include but are not limited to; ticket availability, likelihood of event with specified participants taking place, market value of the tickets, stadium capacity and geographical location. However, once a FinalFuture is being owned by you, you set the price. Please note that a 4% brokerage fee will be applied to the price of each contract at the checkout. See "What is the brokerage fee?" below for more details.

How Do I Pay?

FinalFutures accepts all major credit and debit cards and PayPal. If you're considering more than a one off purchase we recommend you fund your account and keep a Liquid Balance available for trading. Please ensure when purchasing contracts that your Liquid Balance must cover the 4% brokerage fee that is added at checkout. See "What is the brokerage fee?" below for more details.

What happens when I fund my account?

You will receive a system notice indicating that your account was funded and your Liquid Balance has been updated. Please keep in mind that funding via PayPal's eCheck option takes 3-5 business days to process. In this case, your funds will not be available immediately and you will receive a system notice indicating the 3-5 business day delay needed to verify your funding request. We recommend using a credit or debit to fund your account if you're making an immediate transaction.

What if I do not have a PayPal account?

No problem. All you need is a credit or debit card. Simply click on the "Add Funds" tab. Then, enter the amount you would like to fund and hit "Add Funds". You will thenn be forwarded to a page where you can add your credit or debit card information.

What if a FinalFuture I want is sold out?

In this case, simply place a bid indicating the most you are willing to pay for a FinalFuture. If a FinalFuture owner sees your bid on the market, they may decide to sell their FinalFuture.

Can I sell my FinalFuture?

You can offer your contract for sale at any time, for any price. If you want to offer your contracts for sale now, go to your Portfolio select the contract you wish to sell and the price you wish to sell it at. Your contract will then be offered to the market within a few minutes.

How do I know my order was received by FinalFutures.com?

Whenever you place an order either to buy or sell, you will receive an "Order Confirmation" by email. This notice confirms that we have received your request and we will now try to find a match. This notice does NOT indicate that your order was matched against another order, but that you order was placed.

How are orders matched?

When you place an order, your order is then set up and you will receive an "Order Confirmation". We then attempt to match your order with all pending orders on the market. Your order will either be processed immediately or moved into the 'order book' where it will stay until the order has been matched against new orders as they come.

How long will my order stay pending?

Your order will stay pending until it is matched, the team is eliminated or you manually cancel your order.

How is the transaction price determined?

Transactions are processed at the seller's price. If a buyer is willing to bid more than the seller's ask, the transaction will conclude at the lower price being asked by the seller. For example, if Buyer A bids £5.00 and Seller B is asking £4.00, the transaction will match at £4.00. A 4% brokerage fee will be added to the price of the contract at checkout - please see "What is the brokerage fee?" below for more details

What is the 'Brokerage Fee'?

With every buy and sell transaction a brokerage fee of 4% is charged. For example if you sell a FinalFuture for £10, the brokerage fee added at checkout will be 40p.

How Do I Withdraw My Profits?

If you've sold a FinalFuture you can withdraw your balance at any anytime by going to Withdraw Funds and logging in.

What if my team loses?

If you're unlucky and you're team loses and is eliminated from the competition your FinalFuture will be closed and no longer valid to redeem against tickets for the final event. Remember though that you can offer your contract for sale even during the match, so if it's looking bad for your team during play, offer it for sale to the market from your portfolio. Obviously, there's no guarantee that anyone will buy a contract for a team that's not winning, but if you set the price right someone bold and brave of heart may just make your loss a little easier for you!

If they win how do I collect my tickets?

Tickets can be collected from a designated ticketing agent in Central London free of charge or delivered by courier for a small charge depending on where you require the tickets to be delivered.

What are the seating options available?

FinalFutures.com normally works with a minimum three categories, A, B, C and so on depending on the event and the stadium.

Will we sit together?

All FinalFutures contracts are for single tickets but if you order two contracts or more we will make every effort to sit you together. There is no absolute guarantee though that we will be able to sit two pairs or more adjacently.

How do I know my tickets are real?

FinalFutures only sources event tickets and packages from reputable sources, we have associations with various ticket suppliers including stadiums, event organisers, federations, sponsors and clubs.

What if the event is cancelled or postponed?

We will make every effort to furnish you with tickets for the rescheduled event or refund the initial FinalFuture market price.

What is Any Other Player / Any Other Team?

This refers to any other player or team that isn't already listed on the contracts page of the particular sporting event.

Who are FinalFutures?

Final Futures is the first global specialist in sports event futures.

Founded by entrepreneurial sports fans with expert knowledge of sports events and the ticketing industry, Final Futures is an english company based and registered in London and New York, due to demand for event finals on both sides of the Atlantic. We are dedicated to pioneering a unique trading platform where fans and traders can see event finals at a greatly reduced price or simply profit from trading.

If you'd like to get in touch with FinalFutures please visit our Contact Us page for the best method to reach us.

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