How it Works

How Does FinalFutures Work?

FinalFutures offers the opportunity to secure spectators tickets at big sports events for much less than market value. If you buy a FinalFuture - a contract for a seat to see your favourite team at the final - and they get there, then you're going too - even if you paid a fraction of the price!

How Can I Become a FinalFutures Trader?

Trading FinalFutures on the market is easy. To find out how works for traders click here.

I Want to Know More

Let's say you're an Andrew Murray fan and think that he has a chance of getting to the Wimbledon Final. You might want to buy a FinalFuture that will guarantee you a seat on centre court on the big day if he qualifies. Tickets on the day can cost around £2000 if you can get them, so if you have a FinalFuture you will be getting your seat for a lot less than market value. If however Andrew Murray should get knocked out along the way, then the contract is closed and you forfeit your original investment.

You don't have to be a Tennis fan of course. FinalFutures are available for most major sporting events. Whether you fancy Inter Milan in the Champions League or Munster in the Heineken Cup the choice is yours.

Can I Sell My Contract?

Once you own a FinalFuture you can offer it for sale at any time on the FinalFutures market. You can set the price at any time and your contract will be offered automatically to others looking to buy. You can even offer it for sale during a game - even if you're losing! Or maybe your team is holding on to a lead and you want to turn a fast buck instead!

How Do I Get Started?

It's easy. You can secure your first FinalFuture straight away by choosing any competitor that is still in the running. Browse by event and competition and secure your contract now, or bookmark us for later.

Is My Ticket Secure?

If your team qualifies for the final event we guarantee your ticket package will be delivered to your door by one of Europe's premier ticketing businesses.

What is Any Other Player / Any Other Team?

This refers to any other player or team that isn't already listed on the contracts page of the particular sporting event.

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