How it Works

How Does FinalFutures Work? is a stock market for sports ticket futures offering the opportunity to secure ticket packages at major sports events like the Wimbledon Final for much less than market value and if you wish, trade them. If you buy a FinalFuture (that's what we call a contract for a seat to see a selected team at the final) and the team you choose qualifies for the final, then you're going too - even if you paid a fraction of the price! As a potential trader though you might not want to wait until match day to score and instead use to buy and sell FinalFutures on the market with other traders at any stage of the tournament.

I Want to Know More About Trading is a trading platform where fans and traders can buy and sell contracts for seats at a final event (also known as a 'FinalFuture'). Once you own a FinalFuture you can decide to keep it and see it through, or offer it for sale to the market at any time. Let's say you're a big Inter Milan fan but you (secretly) think that big bucks Real Madrid have a chance of getting to the Champions League Final this year. You might want to buy a FinalFuture to see your team Milan, in the Final but back your instincts and invest in a FinalFuture for Real Madrid instead. As Real Madrid progress through the rounds and the value of your FinalFuture increases you can decide when you want to offer it to the market and how much you want to sell it for. If you buy early and at the right price you could be on to a tidy profit.

How Do I Buy a FinalFuture?

You can start building your portfolio straight away by selecting the tournament and then the teams you want to invest in from either the Events menu or the Market screen. Once you've selected the FinalFuture you wish to buy you can start trading, buying and selling as you wish, 24 hours a day. A 4% brokerage fee will be added to the cost of the contract at the checkout - please see our FAQs for details.

How Do I Sell My FinalFuture?

Now you own a FinalFuture you can offer it for sale on the FinalFutures market directly from your Portfolio. All your FinalFutures are kept here along with market information and recent history to help you decide whether to Buy or Sell and how much for. If you decide the time is right to sell, just set the sell price you want and your FinalFuture will be offered automatically to others looking to buy.

You can offer it for sale at any time, day or night, even during a game. If the FinalFuture you're holding is in a winning position while a match is being played you might see a healthy increase in value during the game and watching the market might be more fun than watching the game!

Is My Ticket Secure?

If your team qualifies for the final event we guarantee your ticket package will be delivered to your door by one of Europe's premier ticketing businesses.

What is Any Other Player / Any Other Team?

This refers to any other player or team that isn't already listed on the contracts page of the particular sporting event.

Anything Else I Should Know

Yes, you are investing in who you believe the finalist will be, not the winner. And always expect the unexpected! It's not always the favourites that get to the finals - or win for that matter.

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